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A DAO helping new Web3 projects and users grow.

介绍 Introduction

CryptoChasers社区成立于2020年12月,由脚本刷钱创建,社区主要由经验丰富的Crypto玩家和技术娴熟的科学家组成。于2021年10月发行了robot NFT,成立了Robot DAO,并确定了DAO的使命、价值观和目标。The CryptoChasers community was established in December 2020, created by Script Money. The community mainly consists of experienced Crypto players and technically proficient developers. In October 2021, it issued robot NFT, established the Robot DAO, and defined the mission, values, and goals of the DAO.

使命、价值观和目标 Mission, Values, and Goals

使命 Mission

帮助 Web3 新项目和用户成长 Helping new Web3 projects and users grow.

价值观 Values

  • 合作(和其他项目或社区进行合作共赢,避免内卷)Collaboration (Win-win cooperation with other projects or communities, avoiding internal friction)
  • 分享(鼓励主动寻找和分享新资源、信息、经验、代码等)Sharing (Encourage actively seeking and sharing new resources, information, experiences, code, etc.)
  • 学习(维持学习的氛围,引导帮助新成员成长)Learning (Maintain a learning atmosphere, guide and help new members grow)

目标 Goals

1. 发掘新项目,向项目方提供专业的技术贡献,协助项目方扩大在中文区的影响力 Discover new projects, provide professional technical contributions to project owners, assist project owners in expanding their influence in the Chinese area.
2. 构建和分享关于 Web3 的工具和教程 Build and share tools and tutorials about Web3.

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路线图 Roadmap

2020年12月成立社区 2021年11月发行NFT 2022年1月成立DAO 2023年5月改制成立工作组 2023年下半年搭建Web3+AI教育平台
The community was established in December 2020. The NFT was issued in November 2021. The DAO was formed in January 2022. A working group was restructured and established in May 2023. In the second half of 2023, a Web3+AI education platform will be built.

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